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Magdalena Parera, single parent, now has a small kiosk in front of her house. The stall comes from the profits of selling home baked cakes. Thank God, now she can also sell cakes made by her family and neighbors too. Before MicroAid training, Magdalena just left her cookies in the neighboring stall. Magdalena is no longer just a cake maker. Now she is more than just a producer, but now she is a seller and marketer of traditional home baked pastries and cakes.

Photo caption: Magdalena (right) with her family in front of her kiosk

Magdalena is one of the trainees who learned how to make snacks at home at Hewuli village, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia in July 2011. Prior to attending the training, Magdalena was a cassava crisp maker and selling her crisps in kiosks around her neighbourhood and at her children’s school. In the training, Magdalena and friends learnt how to make cookies and cakes. Kind of snacks like this has a higher value than cassava crisps.

One day after training, Magdalena and her friends made cookies and cakes to be sold in the bazaar which was held at the big Church in Maumere. (See photo below). Results were very satisfactory. Cakes sold at £4 with a gross profit of over £3 not including labour. The net profits ( after deduction of 50% for each producer) received from the sale in the bazaar were collected in group savings and used as capital together to develop the business of making pastries and cakes run with her friends.

Photo caption: Home baked cakes and pastries made by Magdalena

To attract buyers, the sponge cake is decorated like a colorful birthday cake. Magdalena also sells cake for Christmas and New Year. These home baked cakes received an overwhelming response from the customers. Profits earnt by Magdalena ranged from £5 – £10 per day. Pretty impressive figures in this poor area of Indonesia where incomes on average are less than £2 per day.

Step by step, Magdalena collected the money from the sale of the cookies. The result is a beautiful kiosk built in front of her house. Currently Magdalena is also a motivator for other housewives. “I encourage my friends to make a change so that today must better than yesterday. I always say this to my friends when they visit my kiosk”, Magdalena.

Good luck Magdalena and another little job done by MicroAid.

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