New Look Websites at MicroAid

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Take a sneak preview of our new look as we bring all aspects of MicroAid into one place.

MicroAid Projects
A place to fund poor families directly so they can learn a new home enterprise skill. Helping people help themselves.

MicroAid Library
Our MicroAid library shares experience in video, audio, text and reports on Best Management Practices (BMPs) for interesting products for low income families. Using the same BMPs for their home enterprise, families can join together in clusters with other micro-producers that provide the quality and quantity needed by the market.

MicroAid Connections
Using Linked In and other social networks, we connect the private sector to the bottom of the pyramid in shared value supply chains for sustainable livelihoods products. Connecting directly offers the traceability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) now demanded by new consumers.

Informed People + Quality Product + Market Connection = Sustainable Livelihoods = Poverty Eradication

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MicroAid Projects Team

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