Life becomes easier through the family vegetable garden

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Meta, one of Fransiska’s daughters, is wateringkale seeds using a hose pipe purchased from the results of the vegetableharvest of rural cabbages (collard) and broccoli. All are happy because it iseasier to water the plants using a water hose, no need to use the bucket.

We live and manage the family vegetable garden In Wailiti village, Sikka regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It is currently the end of dry season and will coming to rainy season soon so we need a lot of water for watering the plants. We have also just finished planting spinach seeds.

Praise God, from the harvest result of cabbage and broccoli we grew on the same land, and with additional funding we get from MicroAid, then we can buy a new water pump. This allows us to water our plants. We are all happy because it is easier to water the plants using a water hose, no need to use a bucket that we had to take water from far away.

Again and again, we are grateful for the grace of God. All has become much easier now. Easy to water the plants because we use a water hose, easy to care for the garden because the whole family helped and easy sell our harvest because buyers come directly to our gardens to buy the crop.

Fransiska and four other housewives with the help of their children are currently busy taking care of vegetable gardens run by the family. In January 2011, they only manage a vegetable garden area of 100 m2 which planted only cabbages. Because so many were interested in the results of the vegetable garden, now they have added to their garden area up to 400 m2 with kale, collards and broccoli. Thank you MicroAid and the Toby Beresford family, who came to visit us last year.
Read the full project report here

If you want to buy our crops, please visit to our village…

Fransiska and family group,
Wailiti village, Sikka regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia


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