Family vegetable garden Pioneer in Wailiti

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Fransiska’s idea to create a family vegetable garden has inspired women in Wailiti to follow in her footsteps.

Fransiska and neighbors at the time of harvest vegetable mustard

Fransiska is a housewife who received a MicroAid donor project in Vegetable Garden Training in early 2011 (read her story Skilled mother, happy family) with her neighbours. At that time, the idea to create a family vegetable garden received a negative response from many women in her village. They assumed that the land in Wailiti was not fertile and barren, so it could not be planted with vegetables. Wailiti is a village located by the sea on the island of Flores, overlooking the Indonesian Ocean. Fransiska’s house is just 50 metres from the beach.

Currently, less than 2 years after the idea was implemented by Fransiska, many women in Wailiti, even men and young people are following Fransiska idea to create a family vegetable garden. When you visit Wailiti now, there are many family vegetable gardens behind or beside the houses. Fransiska is currently also busy selling vegetable seeds to her neighbors who want to get broccoli, kale, mustard greens and corn seedlings. Now, Wailiti village is a green and lush. Who says that the land on the waterfront cannot be planted vegetables? Fransiska and friends have the answer.

Look around our village; now there is green in every corner of the village. Many family vegetable gardens are popping up

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