Cooking more efficiently with a fire-less cooker

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Left: A trainer shows wicker basket which will to be made a fireless cooker. Right: Participants learn together how to make fireless cooker

For those of you, who often cook using the stove, you might not have thought to use a simple tool that can be used to cook food without using fire or electricity. In Kenya, there is a simple tool known as Fire-less Cooker. This cooking tool is made from a wicker basket with a protective layer that can keep the heat. It can be used by mothers to cook food, while they do other work in the garden or wash clothing.

The idea is, with this tool families can save on the use of traditional stoves (wood or oil). It is more efficient because it can keep food hot and warm. The fireless cooker functions more like a food warmer.

In 2012, one of MicroAid Community Facilitation Partner in Kenya, COSDEP, conducted a family training micro project “Learning to make a fireless cooker” with a group of poor Kenyan families. Read the project report here. Two years later, in June 2014, COSDEP managed to get a market opportunity to sell their product. Buyers wanted to resell their products to a broader market. Originally COSDEP has no plans to sell the product. They just wanted to learn how to make the product for their own use, but in the process their products are now in demand by many people, in Kenya and Nigeria!

Opportunities to sell the product were obtained after MicroAid published stories about the fireless cooker ( and passed it along through social media on facebook (MicroAid Projects) and twitter (@microaid). Simple steps on how to make a fireless cooker that can also be viewed and distributed to anyone on

As of the time of writing, COSDEP is in negotiation process with buyers to determine a long term commission of future deals. Congratulations to the team COSDEP, you have managed to sell your fire-less cooker on the market. Good luck!

One more family group who increased their welfare through the MicroAid way!

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