2012 MicroAid Christmas Appeal | Attention: Do you like what MicroAid does?

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Photo caption: Two mothers seemed to be learning to make fish traps. After being able to make their own tools, they can catch fish in the river and sell fish in the market.


Dear Supporters,

Are you amazed by our 7 countries (Bangladesh, Burundi, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan & Uganda) and over 1,400 poor people helped? Do you like the fact we are a 100% developing country charity? We have no resources at all in the global north. That means we’re super cost effective, super relevant to the people we help. All on a tiny annual budget of £9,600 per year.

Please, on Jan 1st next year, we are losing our core funding from two generous individuals due to their own personal circumstance in 2013 and WE WILL CLOSE unless you step in to help.

We desperately need your support for 2013 to ensure MicroAid continues to reach the poorest of the poor with simple learning projects that people can do themselves. This is poverty eradication from the bottom up – by the poor themselves. It’s not about handouts or even hand ups – it’s about standing with people who are working their way out of poverty to help their family out of starvation, poor health and a subsistence way of life.

We just need 80 people to pledge only £10 / $16 per month.

Photo caption: Golbin was installing beads on the headscarf. Everyday she does this job as order from her customers.

Please can you give now to the MicroAid 2012 Christmas Appeal so we can keep delivering real hope to poor families and catalyse real action by the poor people themselves.

Give now at: www.charitygiving.co.uk/microaid

I’ve attached a full summary of all we’ve done with so little money in 2012. For the same amount of money that wouldn’t even pay a salary in the UK we’ve been able to run a fully optimised development charity across 7 countries.

MicroAid is an affordable, direct, bottom up, development aid charity that deserves to continue. Without you it will wither, please tell your friends and please give it your support.

Please download and read our MicroAid Family Stories 2012.

Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS from MicroAid.

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